Free Xbox Live Gold to make your Xbox 360 Gaming easy

07/05/2012 02:09


 Free Xbox Live Gold  is now available as a trial subscription in the form of a 48 hours or 1 month or a 2 months trial package. This has become a very common thing amongst people who are searching for an alternative to paying a lot of dollars on a monthly basis for a live subscription of Xbox. It might not be of much use if you do not play a lot of games or if you are too young for that.

You can easily get these codes in the form of a card, which you get along with a gaming console or in a game bundle of Xbox. But the whole point to notice here is that while buying Xbox 360 or may be any new game; it might not be completely free of cost./But the major point to note here is that Xbox 360 will not come at free-of-cost.  Also, the codes you get are very limited and they only work once. Though it is quite hard to find these codes, there are legitimate points from where you can get Xbox Live subscriptions for trial. Generally, Microsoft or even other vendors for games give away this type of codes, but only for a limited time during their promotion period or may be a limited access to them on weekends.

The good news is that, there are a lot of websites available which have a good number of such codes that they offer after getting a survey form filled from you. In exchange you get some codes for use.

Now you might be wondering what is the reason that you should be use these codes and for what. The answer is really long. These types of Xbox Live Codes are a blessing for all of you who belong to the gamers’ community. You can now generate Xbox Live codes free of cost. There is an assurance that you will get a much enhanced experience with the use of these Xbox Live Codes. The best thing about these codes is that they allow a complete access to the live market place. You can also do a lot of micro transactions at your end and save a lot of cash.

These Xbox Live Codes can be very easily generated with the help of an Xbox Live Generator. It is very simple to use this generator; it has been made in a very simple & user-friendly way like that of the PSN code generator.

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